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who we are

Established in 1982, Mariachi Tapatio was founded with the intent to share our rich family tradition of authentic mariachi music with the San Jose Bay Area. For nearly 40 years Mariachi Tapatio has been delighting audiences by developing a unique sound rooted in the traditions of mariachi music in Jalisco. Mariachi Tapatio now strives for musical innovation while still preserving our traditional mariachi style. Under the new direction of Felipe Garcia, the group has extended their outreach by playing for multiple fortune 500 companies and red-carpet events. Our musicians have accompanied famous artists from Mexico and the United States such as Alejandro Fernandez, Angeles Ochoa, Espinoza Paz, and many more. We have also partnered with acclaimed writers and producers to bring our traditions to life in the Emmy Award Nominee Virtual Reality short, “Son of Jaguar.” Our musical excellence and reliability distinguish Mariachi Tapatio as the premier mariachi of Northern California.

Considered by many to be the best mariachi group in the Bay Area, don’t let the opportunity to book them for your event slip away.

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where are we located

Conveniently located in San Jose CA, Mariachi Tapatio has been an active player in the preservation of mariachi music and our folklore in the Bay Area and its surroundings for almost 40 years. We play in cities to our north like Fremont, San Francisco and Oakland as well as southern cities like Gilroy, Hollister and Salinas. Occasionally we do travel outside of these areas but these bookings are done almost a year in advanced. We’ve traveled to distances as far as Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Merced.

Make sure to check the booking page for our up-to-date availability.

what events do we perform for

Our group has performed at every social gathering imaginable. From weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagement proposals, to grand openings, church mass, baptisms, and funerals. We offer a diverse repertoire that you can count on to make your gathering special and memorable for yourself and guests. Mariachi Tapatio also specializes in corporate events by adding elegance to any occasion by performing in full high-quality attire, including authentic sombreros, and accompanying traditional ballet folklorico dancers.

Let us entertain your next wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate event.

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how much do we charge

The price to hire our band is not fixed and does fluctuate depending on the factors explained in further detail. The date, time, and location of your event influence pricing as well as the current market price. Further considerations are made if your event takes place on a weekday, the number of hours you would like to hire us for, and even the amount of traffic we can expect in between events. Because of the high demand for mariachi groups at the moment and scarcity of groups available, we suggest you reserve your timeslot with Mariachi Tapatio as soon as possible.

Contact us and get a customized quote tailored for your event.

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